What is your EI?

Here Ian talks about the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how we issue 'invitations' to others, whether productive or otherwise.  EI starts with being aware of our own emotions! (please allow a few seconds for videos to download..)

Expanding your people skills..

Here Ian provides much to think about regarding the importance of improving our people skills.  He also links this to how those improved skills help us in our personal lives adding motivation to the learning. Our enhanced skills will help us to 'steer our ships' both at work and at home!

More video examples

Here Ian presents the concept of taking greater control of our own destiny.  He illustrates how our thinking determines our attitude, the words we use, the actions we take and in the result, our outcomes. He also describes the three parts of the human communication process and how they work together, or NOT, depending on our skills and awareness.